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RRP - What Is It??

RRP (Roger Ramjet Productions) began as a "letter tape" to my friend Michael Weber in Colorado Springs, Colorado while I was attending Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. After college, the RRP mailing list expanded as I traveled to various location across the country during my radio career. News and other features were presented in a "news-talk radio station format" and distributed on cassettes. At one time, I believe RRP reached as many as 40 people with original copies. I have heard that copies were made and passed around to others who were not on the original list whom I did not know.

RRP ceased production in 1988 due to time constraints and budgetary restraints (i.e. failing equipment). Some subscribers discussed the possibility of producing another tape in the new millennium, but it never came to be.

These days RRP is a music station for my own listening in the van. I use OtsAV to play the music to the hard drive. From there it is burned to CD for my listening and then passed around to whoever is interested. The playlist is around 6,500 songs ranging moslty from 1957 to 2003. (There are a small handful of songs from before 1957 and after 2003.) Jingles and liners come for a variety of sources making it sound like a real radio station running iwthout DJs. All the scheduling and playing of the "station" is automated, (run by computer) which is the only way I can do this and still work full-time and everything else I do. 

Check out the last known whereabouts of RRP subscribers. As I have lost track of some people since RRP ceased production, the subscriber list is incomplete. Information will be added as it becomes available. Please let me know if you have information about someone or have someone to add to the list.


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