RRP Subscribers--Where Are They Now??

Lisa Arrell (Scott) is the Assistant Director of Fun for Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, PA. She is married to Bob.
Greg Barman - Contract technical recruiter at MWH Americas in Broomfield, Colorado.
Dave Campbell is working for WOOD magazine in Des Moines, Iowa. He is married to Annette.
Paul Ehlis works for the U.S. Department of Commerce in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is married to Terri.
Dennis Green is the manager at KCCK the Kirkwood Community College Radio station in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is married to Debbie.
Bob Herman is retired.  His wife is Karen.
Scott Hutchison is working for Innotrac in Pueblo, Colorado and has his own financial services business. His wife is Jayce.
Blake Lawrence is working at KDFC in San Fransisco. 
Randy Lee is program director of WMT AM/FM in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His wife is Lesa.
Andy Levine is living in Brookeville, MD and is working for Cisco. He is married to Lisa.
Jon Morgan is a feelance audio producer and photographer. He is married to Barb. 
Michael Neff - Owns and operates Michael Neff Strategic Media Services in Mansfield Pennsylvania.
Gary Paxton (a.k.a. Kim Curry) is missing in action.
Paulette Quick is working for the legislature in Madison, Wisconsin.
Dave Seawel is working for Network Solutiond in Waterloo, Iowa. He is married to Lori.
Carla Scott is retired from teaching music in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is married to Kin.
Rick Sellers is owner of KMRY an adult standards station in Cedar Rapids. He is married to Wanda.
Chuck Waltman is chief engineer at KISQ/KABL in San Francisco.
Wally Wawro is doing audio for video post production at WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas, where he has been since 1982. Wally is also president of the WFAA Employees Advisory Committee. He is married to Rosemary, who teaches third grade in Garland, Texas.
Michael Weber passed away August 3, 2007. 
Bruce Whiteside works for Brunswick. He is married to Jane.

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